Heritage Appraisers will interview each client to determine the type of appraisal that would be the best option. In the case of a liquidation appraisal, the value is established based on the conditions of the liquidation.

Reasons to Get a Jewelry Liquidation Appraisal

Values in a liquidation appraisal are based on the urgency for the request. Depending on the market value, when the item was purchased, the liquidation value may or may not provide a monetary gain to the client.

Heritage Appraisers professionals do not sell or purchase jewelry items and will offer the client an independent appraisal with unbiased opinions and values.

Jewelry Liquidation Appraisal Fees and Prices

  • Fees for a Liquidation appraisal are the same as for other appraisals.
  • Clients will receive their appraisal documents on the day of their appointment. Antique items or items that require additional research will be mailed directly to the client.