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As the largest independent jewelry insurance appraisers, Heritage Appraisers highly recommend the following services to make sure that you are taking the correct steps for a proper insurance appraisal :

  • Jewelry should be appraised for insurance purposes by an independent graduate gemologist.
  • The jewelry insurance appraisal will provide the insurance company and the client with a detailed description of the item(s) to be insured.
  • The jewelry insurance appraisal will have details of the gemstones – their quantity, size, color and clarity.

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For Insurance Appraisals, Heritage Appraisers Will Provide:

  • A detailed description of the item with photos taken at the time of the evaluation.
  • Size, color, clarity and quantity of the diamonds and gemstones appraised.
  • Weight and type of metals, manufacturing and assembly of jewelry items.
  • Insurance appraisals include the type of metal and the manufacturing and assembly process of the items being appraised. This information will help guarantee that in the event of a loss, the customer can be made whole.
  • Photos and weights, which will aid in either locating an identical item or having the items(s) recreated.

Some clients are advised that they do not need to have items appraised, either based on a dollar amount or by retaining the original sales slip. This is not an acceptable practice by most insurance company standards. A sales slip can only attest to the price paid. Clients who retain an insurance rider should maintain a qualified insurance appraisal to serve as proof of ownership and provide a current, acceptable replacement value.

To prepare a comprehensive, professional appraisal report, Heritage Appraisers will:

  • Request the jewelry be cleaned by professional store personnel.
  • Ask the client for the purpose of the appraisal to be performed.
  • Inspect the jewelry.
  • Advise the client of the inspection findings and recommendations.
  • Perform the appraisal and document data.
  • Prepare the appraisal.
  • Review the appraisal with the client in full detail.
  • Explain the cover letter, limiting conditions and the appraisal documents.
  • Ask the client if there are any additional questions or concerns.

If an appraisal is for insurance purposes, Heritage Appraisers recommends an updated appraisal every three to five years.

Heritage Appraisers will send a reminder when it is time for an update. Because clients move or relocate to other locations using the same appraiser to update their original appraisal is not always possible to keep in contact.

How to Prepare for an Insurance Appraisal Appointment

Clients should bring any documents they may have on the items being appraised, such as a:

  • Previously prepared Certification of the jewelry items. A Certification is a prepared document which provides accurate information on the jewelry prior to its current assembly. It may include information on the diamonds or gemstones as weighed, measured and graded outside of the current mounting.
  • Any previous appraisals performed on the jewelry. Previous appraisals will be taken under consideration by the Heritage Appraiser gemologist
  • Provenance, the documented history or chain of custody which aids in the evaluation of items being appraised.

Insurance appraisals for jewelry are generally delivered the same day of the appointment unless there are items that need additional research to complete a comprehensive document.

Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Fees

Fees are based on the time and expertise required by the professional appraiser. Jewelry will be categorized by type to offer fair pricing.