GEMPRINT®,the world’s most sophisticated, non-invasive, and positive identification technology that records the unique optical ‘fingerprint’ of each diamond, is now available at Heritage Appraisers Inc.’s Beachwood, Ohio Jewelry Appraisal location.

Similar to your fingerprint, diamonds too, have a one-of-a-kind, unique GEMPRINT®.  This patented and proven technology has been used by the FBI and Canadian Government, and has been in existence since 1976.

How does Heritage Appraisers Inc. Use GEMPRINT® with your diamonds?

Heritage Appraisers, Inc. will use GEMPRINT® technology to offer you the best means of ensuring the identification of your diamond. Once your diamond is registered, the gem print is strictly confidentiaal securely filed at the GEMPRINT® International Registry (gemprint.com).

When stolen jewelry is recovered, the diamond’s GEMPRINT® can be matched with an ID in the database. The added security of Gemprint® entitles you to receive discounts from insurers in the U.S. and abroad. GEMPRINT® has aided in the positive identification of tens of millions of dollars worth of lost or stolen diamonds, and current diamonds that have been gemprinted include the Hope Diamond.

GEMPRINT® is currently used by: 

  • Retail jewelers and their clients as a means of ensuring the identity of purchased diamonds
  • Gemological laboratories as an identification service offered as an adjunct to their grading and valuation services
  • Internet sites offering sale and auction of diamonds and diamond jewelry
  • Designers and manufacturers establishing branding programs for their unique diamond products
  • Manufacturers and cutters worldwide for inventory identification and comparison