The most common reason Heritage Appraiser clients have an engagement ring appraisal performed is for insurance purposes. Some clients also receive diamonds or other jewelry from their parents or grandparents which need to be appraised for current value toward insurance purposes.

Clients who have recently purchased an engagement ring need to have an engagement ring appraisal expert conduct the appraisal. It is best performed by an independent jewelry appraiser.

Initially, the client will have an unbiased opinion of the engagement ring purchased. Unlike sales people, the appraiser who is a graduate gemologist can share trained opinions regarding the diamond.

Gemologists at Heritage Appraisers, Inc. all have extensive jewelry backgrounds in the production and assembling of jewelry items. This knowledge allows our engagement rings appraisers to share any manufacturer defects or assembly problems that could impact the durability and wearability of the engagement ring.

Appraising Engagement Rings

Appraising engagement rings can offer challenges for the appraiser. The diamond weight will likely be estimated because the depth is not easily defined. Also, identifying the engagement ring diamond color can be difficult since the diamond is blocked by the setting.

How can you help your Heritage Appraiser Engagement Ring Appraiser?

  • Coming to your appointment approximately ten minutes early so your jewelry can be cleaned
  • Bring any documentation that you may have
  • Certification
  • Previous Gemologist’s Appraisals
  • Sale slips

Our engagement ring appraiser will interview you prior to performing your appraisal to determine which appraisal fits your needs.

  • Insurance appraisal for an engagement ring
  • Engagement ring appraisal by liquidation
  • Engagement ring appraisal by estate
  • Engagement ring appraisal related to divorce

What happens after the engagement ring Appraiser completes my engagement ring appraisal?

When we complete your engagement ring appraisal, Heritage Appraisers, Inc. will

  • Review the engagement ring appraisal in full detail.
  • Explain the cover letter, limiting conditions, and the engagement ring appraisal document.
  • Review the NAJA Certification of Appraisal Practices

If your engagement ring appraisal is for insurance purposes, we recommend that you have your appraisal updated every three to five years.

Heritage Appraisers, Inc. will send you a reminder when it is time for the update. Because clients move or relocate to other locations, using the same appraiser to update their original appraisal.  We will make an effort to keep in contact, according to the information recorded.

Engagement ring appraisal fees

Engagement ring appraisal fees are based on the type of engagement ring being appraised. Unlike many of our competitors,  we do not base our pricing on the size of the diamond. Clients will receive their engagement ring appraisals the same day of their appointment