Corporate Partners

Heritage Appraisers, Inc., has operated with the mission to provide comprehensive, unbiased and factual jewelry appraisals to meet the insurance and personal needs of our clients since 2003.. We are the largest independent jewelry appraisal company, operating in numerous locations nationwide and work with many of the largest jewelry retailers in the country.  We work diligently with our Corporate Partners to ensure customers receive the best value.

A great part of our company’s success is delivering reliable customer service, realizing early on the importance of accurate and quality appraisals and also dependable and courteous service. Our experienced appraisers understand the importance of customer service and are aware that developing strong business relationships with both our clients as well as with the retail vendors we partner with are essential.

All of our appraisers are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and members of National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (N.A.J.A.) and adhere to the USPAP (Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice) guidelines. To ensure all our appraisers are in unison with pricing, we have established pricing guidelines and formulas for each appraiser to use for consistency and transparency with our clients. After an appraisal, the customer receives a packet with two detailed copies of their appraisal report, one for personal records and the other for insurance purposes.

We realize that the jewelry appraisal business has traditionally been a service offered on an “as needed” basis by independent appraisers. Often many companies manage a number of appraisers over many states and had to deal with the challenge of volume and reliability. Inconsistencies would occur with retaining customer information, primarily when customers would have their jewelry initially appraised, years later when their jewelry was either lost or stolen when they would return to find out that it had lost value because their appraisals were not up to date. Similarly, appraisers would leave a company and along with it the customer’s records, or the customer moved and could not locate their original documents.

We took an innovative approach to protecting our client’s information. In 2011, we partnered with Heritage Appraisers Software, LLC. and developed an appraisal storing system called The Loupe. This proprietary application gives our clients the ability to easily monitor and access their appraisals that are safely, secured on an online database. The development of The Loupe® responds to the customer’s needs to maintain and update their records regularly.

Heritage Appraisers continues to deliver superior jewelry appraisal services to ensure that we “Protect What’s Yours.”